September 5, 2014

Introducing STYLE 9 {HEADBANDS}

We're continuing to revolutionize the OR with yet another innovative product! This addition to our line of surgical scrub caps isn't a cap at all! Designed to be worn under the standard blue disposable caps, our Headbands keep hair pulled back off your face while allowing you to continue to express your personality with our ever-growing collection of fabrics. Simply pull all of your hair through the headband and push it away from your forehead, then place your disposable cap over it, concealing all hair. Made from 100% Cotton, the tapered edges near the ears and elasticized adjustable closure in the back make our Style 9s as comfortable as they are cute. We've also found that our Headbands are quite popular among runners and are great for working out or wearing under a bike helmet as well. Try one today and see how cute you look!

 Because we love to offer our customers a variety of fabric choices, we usually only run a fabric once. The fabrics shown in our photos on the blog don't necessarily reflect the inventory we currently have in stock. To view all of the fabric options currently available in Style 1 or to place your order, click HERE

You can also check our our custom cap option where you can send in your choice of fabric and select any of our 8 styles for just $10/hat. There's more information HERE