February 9, 2015

Style 6(2t)

Our 2-toned style 6s are just as cute and versatile as our style 6, but the coordinating band fabric sets them apart from the original. With style 6(2t) you'll still find the same handy "pony pouch" for your hair that the ribbons can be tied around in a darling bow, or you can tuck the pouch into the hat portion and tie the ribbon, cinching the cap closed in the back. With so many fabric combinations and style options, style 6(2t) is one of our most diverse styles at KimKaps!

You’re going to look so cute!
Because we love to offer our customers a variety of fabric choices, we usually only run a fabric once. The fabrics shown in our photos on the blog don't necessarily reflect the inventory we currently have in stock. To view all of the fabric options currently available in Style 1 or to place your order, click HERE

You can also check our our custom cap option where you can send in your choice of fabric and select any of our 8 styles for just $10/hat. There's more information HERE