May 16, 2016

Medical Mission: Dominican Republic

CURE hospitals are orthopedic pediatric hospitals built to care for the children in need. 97% of the donations go directly to the children.  People can volunteer and/or donate to CURE hospitals all over the world.
Dr Bob teaches pediatric hand surgery to 
local surgeons in the Dominican Republic.
Dr Bob likes to blend in sporting his girly KimKap. He keeps up the happy spirit and wears his KimKap all week. Does he wear his KimKap when he returns to the USA?
This is Sair, he was born with bilateral club hands (complete absence of his radius in both arms). 5 months ago a Missions Doctor performed surgery to straighten his left wrist called:  centralization of the ulna. It is now time for Sair to wear a splint to help his wrist heal straighter, and we were able to make him a wrist splint. 
As you can see Sair is checking out his new splint that he will need to wear until he grows out of it. It is too soon for the missions doctor on this trip to perform the same surgery on his right wrist, so for now Sair will just have to keep on playing! 
He was quite the active player and he won over many hearts! 
Jasmerlyn has constriction band syndrome which is affecting both hands. Anular bands from the amnionic sac are encircling the digits and hands, making her hands non-functional. 
  Dr.Bob performed a surgery to separate the digits of her left hand in 2015, 1 year later you can see how functional her left hand is.  She can pick up toys, play and feed herself.  
She is doing therapy with her mother , we are trying to get Jasmerlyn to use her new "index" finger. She is going to have the same digital separation surgery for her right hand on this trip. Her mother is very happy,  she remembers all of the team members and is so grateful!
Lian Jose is only 3 months old, he has arthrogryposis-this is caused by decreased fetal movement in the womb during development. Extra tissue develops around the joints and the joints get stiff. For now Lian requires stretching splints while he grows and therapy. When he is older he can be evaluated for a surgery that can improve his function. 
This is the interpreter that is needed in a Spanish community, the 2 therapists who worked with Lian and 2 happy parents in the center.  All of the parents are appreciative of the care they receive at the CURE hospitals.
Julila has the bag of donated KimKaps to pass out to the Dominican OR staff. This is the 3rd year our team came to CURE to pass out these wonderful caps. The OR staff remembers us!

They can't get the old mop type of cap off quick enough
It is a very exciting and colorful day! 

 For more information on how you can receive a donation of KimKaps to take along with you on an upcoming Medical Mission, email