January 28, 2015

Custom Kaps!

 Looking for a one-of-a-kind scrub cap that will perfectly express your one-of-a-kind personality? We offer custom KimKaps where you can send us your choice of fabric and select any of our 8 styles for just $10/hat. Simply mail us your fabric and include your name, return address, and phone number with instructions on what style you'd like and if there's a coordinating band fabric along with your payment to us at:

220 E Park St
Emmett, ID 83617
Your custom KimKap might feature a fabric that displays your beloved sports team's logo, a favorite hobby, or the best band in history...the possibilities are endless! 
Email us with any questions at kim@kimkaps.com 
Now that you've found the perfect fabric, you'll need to choose the style of KimKap you would like. For more information on each of our fabulous styles, see our Style Guide
You will need the following amount of fabric(s) for each Kap:
Style 1: 3/4 yard of fabric

Style 2: 3/4 yard of main fabric & 1/4 yard of coordinating (band) fabric

Style 3: 3/4 yard of fabric

Style 4: 3/4 yard of main fabric & 1/4 yard of coordinating (band) fabric

Style 5: 1/2 yard of fabric

Style 6: 3/4 yard fabric & 1 yard of coordinating ribbon
Style 6(2t): 3/4 yard main fabric, 1/3 yard coordinating band fabric, 1 yard of ribbon

Style 7: 3/4 yard of fabric
Style 7(2t): 3/4 yard main fabric, 1/4 yard of coordinating band fabric

Style 8: 3/4 yard of fabric

Style 9: 3/4 yard of fabric & 1 yard of coordinating ribbon

Style 10: info coming soon

  If sending fabrics for more than one Kap, label each fabric with the style & if it is a main fabric or coordinating band fabric & if there are ribbons be sure to let us know which ribbon goes with which fabrics. We will also need to know if you would like any scrap fabric leftover returned to you with your order or donated to a worthy cause. If you would like remaining fabric included with your custom Kaps, please email us at kim@kimkaps.com as there will be a return shipping charge. 
If you choose to donate your remaining fabric, everything will go to the DAYS FOR GIRLS organization.
Don't forget to send us a photo when you've received your completed Kap!
You're going to look so cute!